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The most recent storm that passed through left a wake of damage and flooding to our homes and surrounding area. Whether you found yourself affected by the storm or not, it is important to recognize damage associated with the storm and what it could mean for your home. This damage can come from heat, storms, and even just light rain. The roof is the first protective layer of any home. It is also the most significant. Roofs protect homeowners from downpours during the wet season, the boiling heat during the summer months, and the winter chill during winter.

A roof takes the wear and tear over the years from the extreme changes of the season and weather events. Knowing how inclement weather and seasonal changes affect a roof is essential to keeping yourself protected and whether disaster restoration is a requirement.

Heat Damage

Extreme heat can cause your roof to prematurely age. This process can lead to both exterior and interior damage. With your roof is constantly exposed to the sun and its UV rays, it can cause it to not only become discolored but saturated with pollutants. It is a good practice to get an expert opinion on whether or not vibrancy and protection are diminishing. Extreme heat can also cause problems with other exterior parts of your home like windows. The swelling of materials is the side effect of elongated exposure to the sun.

Storm Damage

If your home’s roof takes direct damage during storms, it can leave your home unprotected. Strong winds can pick up and carry shingles and tiles, opening up the possibility for further damage to your home. Strong winds can also cause rainwater to leak through and cause flood damage to the interior and weaken windows and their frames. Homes and businesses near large trees are more prone to taking on heavier damage and are the most vulnerable. Branches broken and other debris caused by heavy winds can lead to damage to your home’s siding roof and windows.

Rainwater Damage

Rainwater damage tends to be less noticeable than other storm damage. The water invades shingles and materials, causing rot. When your home takes on prolonged and untreated damage like exposed nails and lifted materials, it gives water the room to leak through. 

Make sure to get any damage, or even suspected damage,  assessed by a professional. Give us a call or send us an email today!