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Are you looking for your next career move? Join our team of experts through one of many open hourly positions. 

Workers in hourly positions must have excellent vision, coordination and dexterity. These are necessary to deal with handling and manipulating materials and parts. They must be able to focus on the task at hand and pay attention to details. Team assembly jobs can involve high stress, deadline-influenced projects, and repetitive work. Additional requirements of the individual include long periods of sitting, standing, bending, twisting or lifting. Therefore, mental and physical stamina are required.


Applicants should be qualified with previous experience in a related field. They need strong attention to detail, the ability to read and comprehend technical instructions and processes, as well as written and verbal communication skills. Good hand-eye coordination is a must. You must be able to lift 60+ pounds, consistently. A degree in a related field is a plus, as well as the ability/experience with basic assembling tools (screwdrivers, clamps, presses, etc.). In addition, applicants must be able to assemble products rapidly while preserving product integrity. Then move assembled products to the next area of production, while working extended periods standing. All while you maintain company guidelines of quality and safety.

Applicants should be able to:

  • learn and follow established procedures/directions for assembly
  • evaluate inventory to ensure all pieces are available/in stock
  • communicate with managers if pieces are missing
  • take precise measurements to ensure components fit together as planned
  • use basic tools to modify components if necessary
  • assemble pieces while carefully evaluating progress to find defects if present
  • review final output to ensure it meets specifications
  • monitor and maintain all equipment and inventory
  • use reports to keep track of production output and problems

Fill out the information below. This will go directly to our hiring manager and we’ll reach out if we believe you’ll be a good fit. If you are interested in another position, check out our careers page or our listings on Indeed to see what’s available.