grapevine pro

About Us

Grapevine Pro is one of the fastest growing Exterior Home Remodeling companies in New Jersey. There is clearly something about us that sets us apart. That tremendous growth would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our talented staff.

We set ourselves apart from the rest by providing quality work at an affordable price, complimented by unparalleled customer service. Everyone has a horror story they can tell you about working with a contractor and it’s exactly for that reason that we go above and beyond in our efforts. Be it a roof, new siding, or replacement windows, we want you to see a finished job feeling nothing but relief and admiration for the quality of work. You deserve a stress free process and your home deserves the right kind of work. 

Our mission is to have a positive impact on everyone we encounter. We are dedicated to improving the lives of not just our customers, but our employees and community members as well. Grapevine Pro is about putting people first. That is why we are proud of the culture we have fostered. As well as the outreach and charity efforts we have been able to contribute, so far. With even more social projects on the horizon, we hope you’ll come to associate us with kindness, passion, and professionalism.