Hurricane Impact Windows Vs Plywood

The hurricane season 2021 it’s well on its way. It goes without saying that preparation, repairs, and adequate home protection are necessary for our safety.

People still look for easy and cheap routes when it comes to home protection. Plywood is still one of the most popular options for hurricane protection. Yet plywood is not the most efficient window protector, nor it is the cheapest; hurricane windows seem to be more expensive than plywood. But they are way more efficient over time. So, which one would you choose? Let’s take a closer look at these two options.

Facts About Hurricane Impact Windows

Ø  Hurricane impact windows are the ultimate solution to hurricane protection. They are more expensive than plywood, but you can get fantastic financing options and the best long-term solution. Hurricane impact windows are designed so they “crack” in the event of high impact, but they won’t shatter.

Ø  Impact windows have two separate pieces of glass. And between those, there is a special resin that helps maintain the structure together making it almost unbreakable. And when you add 100% virgin vinyl frames to the equation, you have an indestructible window.

Ø  Hurricane impact windows are a wonderful selling point for people. In fact, many home improvement experts claim that 100% Virgin vinyl impact windows can even get you up to 78% recoup in your investment. It is very unlikely that plywood will add up any value to your home, after all, you have to remove it after the storm.

Ø  Impact-resistant glass windows have more to offer than plywood. Besides built-in energy efficiency and insulating properties, impact windows offer sound-dampening effects. This means new windows will help keep home interiors quiet.

Ø  With the insulating effect, you will be able to reduce your energy cost every month.

Ø  Installing hurricane impact windows are a one-time expense and a one-time installation. When you choose this option, you are investing in a permanent solution. Once your new windows are installed, you won’t have to “prep your windows” every time a storm is near.

Ø  Home intrusions are another potential threat to you and your family. Hurricane impact windows can protect you from burglars with their unique safety features. They also have safety locks, so children stay away from opening the windows.

Facts About Plywood Boards

Ø  People in hurricane-prone areas have relied on plywood for years. Normally, plywood will provide decent protection, it is lightweight and low-cost. However, the pandemic changed the supply and demand for all home improvement products. According to PolitiFact, by April of 2021, the price of plywood has increased in the range of 252%. This fact alone makes plywood a less attractive option for hurricane protection.

Ø  The demand for plywood remains high for construction purposes. And it would be higher when a storm is announced. Plywood supply is much lower than its demand due to a slower supply chain of raw materials. So, if you want to buy plywood for hurricane protection, you better not wait any longer to buy it.

Ø  Installing plywood requires help for measuring, cutting, and installing the boards properly. If you live in a building complex, ask your HOA if you are allowed to install plywood boards on your windows. Sometimes you cannot use plywood because you have to screw the boards into place. And your HOA will likely force you to pay for any damage or changes to the building complex after the storm.

Ø  Plywood may not always be the best option for hurricane protection. Depending on how strong the winds are during the storm, plywood may or may not be able to resist impact from debris.

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