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In the Market for a New Home? Mind the Roof

When buying a new home, inspecting the property should always be at the top of your checklist. Checking the inside and exterior may seem like an obvious task, but the roof can often get overlooked. Don’t worry, it’s simple, all you have to do is just take a step back and get a good look at it. 

Here are some things to be aware of:

Wear and tear

It’s important to know not only how old the roof is, but what it’s made of. See if you can find out or ask the homeowner about the lifespan of the roof. Roofs are commonly made from materials like composite, metal, tin, rubber, or cedar shingles. A roof made from composite shingles helps the roof last for a longer time without any difficulties, while other common materials may require inspection and possible maintenance on an annual basis.

Check for ventilation

Whether you have an older roof or a brand new one, if you don’t have proper ventilation, you could have a problem. The ventilation system lets sunlight and air in and is an essential part of your roof. Poor ventilation can cause a number of issues and problems are almost always costly. One of the biggest issues is the formation of mold.


Mold is a fungus and can present itself in different colors and shapes. Some molds are noticeable, while others can remain hidden or hard to see. It can form in walls or under floors, but in this case, the parts of the roof that are more difficult to see. Mold from moisture build-up can cause damage. Even if you take care of the damage inside the home, make sure to trace back the leak and stop the problem at the source. This mold and moisture build-up can cause further damage to your home, as well as health issues.


Roof damage doesn’t have to be found on the roof itself. Checking the drainage pipes that run along your roof can hold evidence of how your roof is holding up.  While checking the gutters, look for asphalt shingle grains, these are what coat the shingles and are responsible for shielding the shingles against destructive sunbeams. 

It is important to be careful and informed when buying a house. You should ideally hire a professional to inspect the home and give you a report. It’s strongly recommended that repairs be completed before moving into your new home to avoid any potential problems.

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