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Gutters look to be a minor part of a home exterior, but they actually do a lot of work. Did you know a rainstorm can exert around 1,000 pounds of pressure on a roof? Well, the gutters are there to displace that pressure; up to 600 pounds in fact! While they prevent the rainwater from hitting with its full force, gutters cannot work effectively if they are clogged. The build-up of twigs, dirt, and leaves can cause problems if not taken care of. It is recommended that gutters be cleaned and maintained three or four times a year. 

Clogs Shorten the Life of a Gutter

Twigs, leaves, and dirt accumulation can cause your gutter to rust out and break down, developing holes. Without addressing these problems when they start, it may require that your gutters be replaced in just five years. For context, an aluminum gutter (the most popular choice for homes) can last up to 20 years. 

So how much are gutters?

Replacing old gutters can vary in cost. On average, the price can vary from around $3 to $7 a square foot. This pricing can change depending on the type of gutters installed. Copper can cost more than steel or aluminum. Aside from material, size comes into play as well. Five-inch gutters are pretty much standard for residential homes, but homeowners could get six-inch commercial gutters for a little more. This upgrade could mean a lower chance of getting clogged gutters. 

As autumn approaches and the leaves begin to fall, these issues are important to keep in the back of your mind. Be sure to keep an eye out for excess debris on your roof and in your gutter system. Whether you plan to hire a professional or clean the gutters yourself, just make sure to address the problem when it is necessary.

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